Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 1: We're in a box and we want out!

I should have started this blog sooner.....

This week has been a very trying one. Logan is sick. Very Sick. He also has been truant according to his school. Very Truant. And now we have to make sure that everything is cleared up with the District Criminal Attorney so, as Logan says, "We don't have to go to jail because he's been too sick." :(

This whole mix up could have been remedied if the attendance clerk has accurately reported his sick time being excused, but sadly, talking to her friend in the office is more important than her job. Imagine my astonishment to receive a glowering look of distaste for coming in there and interrupting her conversation about so-n-so to clear up the status of his absences was accompanied by a condescending jab about how I need to understand the importance of Logan being to school, everyday and on time.

Needless to say, I didn't take to kindly to the idea of someone saying that I am irresponsible and undermining my son's education. And did I receive an apology for the mix up that it wasn't reported correctly? Of course not! But now I know that I have to hand deliver notes and watch over her shoulder to make sure she does the job my taxes pay her to so that our family doesn't suffer the affects of gossip being more important than job duties.

This situation has now become what I will refer to as "The Straw". My sanity, my anxiety and my love for all that is good and great in this world has said, "Enough!" This is the latest thing that is now added to the laundry list of what can best be described as failures my son has been either directly or indirectly subjected to.

With private school being economically our of the question and charter school proving either impossible to get into and still subject to many of the same complaints in public school, what do we do? This is when homeschool entered my mind and has not left since suffering this latest bout of incompetency.

Yes. I said it. Homeschool. More commonly known as "religious-closed minded-sheltering-freak making-antisocial-hoity toity-anti establishment- brain washing" homeschooling. There. I said almost all the noted reasons for why I shouldn't consider it and those reasons have been considered. Rest assured, it is for most of those reasons that have brought me to this point. We are realizing the limitations of this box we've allowed ourselves to be in and we want out!

The plan:

Logan is going to continue through his kindergarten year because as hot under the collar as I am, I am not going to make a rash decision about his educational pursuits. This is his life and he needs what will work best for him. So, once school is out for the year, we're going to take a good break and work on this adventure. I want to set up the yarn/old toy dumping ground, aka the office, as a 'learning center'. I'm going to do a little research on what 1st grade is suppose to be like and what we're going to do that will help him should he return to public school because homeschool is not right for us. But for this time, we're going to give him and his education the chance we feel it's not getting in public school.

So, for now, this is it. My big plan and hopefully not too shocking or polarizing. I hope you enjoy reading about our Adventures in Loganland and our journey out into the unknown. Stay tuned for Day 2 where I hope to have a little more focus and hopefully not have to re-write a post because blogger has decided to be crap-tastic.

Loganism for the day: "There is not enough art in Art Class. We need to go to a museum because we can see more than in Art Class."


Lexi said...

Oh wow...what an adventure you are going to be starting!!!!!

The Fiends That Plague Thee said...

Great post. You manage to express a lot of the frustration I've felt when dealing with the public schools at times, though not to the same extent. I am finding that home education is quite an adventure, but I'm enjoying it. Good luck.

(And I love those Loganisms!)

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