Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 11: Easy like Sunday Morning

Not a long post today.  Yesterday was a good, fun fill day of shopping with lessons.  Logan accompanyed me to Central Market for last night's victuals of Lamb Tikka Masala.  As we wove in and out of the crowded market, I would call off the items from our shopping list and Logan would find them and scratch them off.  He did a pretty good job too, until we crossed everything off and he needed something else to mark on.  Unfortunately I did not get a picture of the "I DID IT ALL BYE MI SELF" that he penned down his left arm.  Some patrons scolded and others laughed at his temporary sleeve tattoos, but it was all good.

Sunday was spent playing games and dissecting all the workbooks I've got.  I'm finding all this mise en place a very fullfilling experience and hope that I don't end up cursing myself later on.  It's giving me a chance to really go through the workbooks and pre-made lesson plans and make mental notes of the things I like and what I don't.  After this I have some Mario Kart and maybe even a movie in my future.

I love Sundays.

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