Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 8: Everything in its place....

So it is my goal to start working on the office.....

Did I mention it was messy?

Now, before I can say anything else, I must say this disclaimer:  Mike, aka Daddy, aka Welder Extrodinare did not in any way, shape, form, or fashion contribute to the mess that you see here and that all responsiblities for said mess are under the sole ownership of Denise, aka Mommy, aka Mess-Maker Extrodinare.  (now that THAT is out of the way....)

Where to start?  After a good friend lived with me during a very tumultous time in her life and occupied said mess encapsulator, I took up watching another good friend's baby who slept in said room.  That was finished up last summer and to clear out the room that stuff took up in our bedroom, I moved it in there.

At first it wasn't this messy, but painting and redoing Logan's room which included finally going through his toys and packing up toys he no longer played with, as you can see here:
Along with the mattress that is below these tubs got placed in here as well.

Did I mention that I use to own a hand dyed yarn business too?  Well, a year and a half later and I'm still up to my eyeballs and because of this, knitting itches do not typically lend to keeping things tidy.  As shown here:
And here:
All of those lovely papers are the records that I need to hold onto incase zeh IRS ever wishes to come knocking. (whoopie cushion in case I allow them to sit down on my couch...)

So, why I am showing you all this?  To help keep me accountable to getting this mess cleaned up.  I'm not proud of it, but who ever is of a mess? What I want to turn this into is a place where we can at the very least use as proper storage (cause this doesn't count as storage) for art projects, worksheets, big maps and little findings.  Somewhere buried in there is a keyboard that Logan can use to practice in between music lessons...if we could ever find it.  While I'll never have room for a library in this house, a proper bookcase (no, Denise, your nightstand tower does not count as a bookcase) would be nice to have. 

We haven't been in this house for that long and already we're running out of a place for everything. 


Anonymous said...

I completely know how you feel, except that my DH does contribute. I have a spare bedroom that needs to be cleaned out before my sister's family comes to visit. That's not until July at least. Sigh.

Alisha said...

Oh, I am so grateful for your sharing this! My main living area looks reasonably good on a daily basis, but my bedroom, guestroom and garage are royal nightmares! When we got moved here last summer, we moved from a house that was nearly twice this size, including a lovely basement that allowed for all out of season/pre-yard sale storage with ease. Now, we don't have a basement or even a coat closet. Our garage is serving as a POD. The master bedroom closet is overflowing due to our (my) owning a four-season wardrobe (in multiple size ranges) while closets here are sized for two seasons - max! I am determined to get it purged and organized before summer vacation, and I am using your blog as both my inspiration and my external accountability!

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