Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 5: Momentum

Putting yesterday's catastrophe behind us, I am glad to say that there were also two shiny moments that came out of the day too. First, we got to talk with Logan's doctor, who I absolutely love and adore, about the option of homeschooling and she believes that in this day and age that it's becoming more and more of a viable alternative to the lack-luster public school since schools are turning more and more into assembly line factories than educational Mecca. Also, a quick conversation with my friend lent to a more solidified plan for piano lessons during the summer and hopefully past that point as well. A convo with Logan about this left him sooo excited! He loves his Micol so much :)

Speaking of conversations, I've gained momentum after the nice chat with Logan yesterday about these plans and what we're going to be doing. Trying to be fair, I make sure to balance my own enthusiasm about homeschooling with the reality of many days at home with mommy, the friends he has now at school won't be around, and he will have to work hard to learn stuff. I may be delusional, but none of this stuff was a deterrent from being able to go on many field trips and do art every day, but, 'not all the time because we have to learn other things too' to quote the little guy.

I think I've made a few more curriculum choices as well. I believe we're going to start with R.E.A.L. Science and I want to focus on geography around the world before we work on history so much, although I might work on a little generalized US history.

Up next: work on the old office, yarn dumping ground and gravesite of all old toys room. Does this mean I'm going to have to, gasp, get rid of some yarn? CLARINE!!!!

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