Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 2: Forecast- cloudy.

I'm not sure what I was expecting by coming out to the world that I had this wonderful idea of homeschooling. I want to find something to equate it to, however, I don't see this as life-changing as much as life altering. My best parallel is what the LGBT community uses with coming out of the closet and I wonder if they too had the realization that once their little secret was known that it wouldn't be the balmy, sunshine-filled day they would hoped it would be.

I think, sometimes, that people mistake my optimism for insanity. Yes, I have hopes for the human race and that one day we will all live in peace and harmony with each other. Our abilities as a species and the unofficial stewards of this world will one day benefit the universe. Okay, maybe it's a little insane but that doesn't mean that I'm without skeptism or reality. I want my hope to transcend reality, but realize that it may never come around in my lifetime or ever.

I don't know why I hoped people to easily brought on board with the ideas I have about my sons education, but I wanted to believe that my explanations and reasonings for why I want to give this a try would suffice even the hardest skeptic. I want the best for my son. What more of a reason could there be to try something out?

The sad thing that I've found is that already I have had to polarize myself, where I have to defend not only my conception but the marriage of that to my convictions. Marriage is a heavy word and it takes commitment that I'm not sure I'm ready for, but is that a reason to give up on an idea? Is it so, that an interlude of imagination and inspiration cannot be expressed without the dedication of a composed thought? Not every thing is bright in this world but we don't know unless we discover it!

So, in some senses sadly, I've had to galvanize and make this blanketed statement: GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FAMILY'S BUSINESS. I don't tell you what is wrong with you or with yours, I've got enough respect for you know that you're going to weather the storms and come out of it okay, can you give me the same? I am not going to mess up your friend, your grandchild, your child's friend, your nephew, your future 'whoever' by seeing if a different way of learning would suit him better. Did you ever stop to ask what he may want out of his education? I did, and I'm glad to predict a sunny day.

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