Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 4: Really?

I don't know why I thought I should be surprised. Today was our 'meeting' with the 'district criminal attorney' about Logan's 'truancy'. For some reason I expected to have a serious meeting with some very serious people who would discuss the very serious matter of Logan's academic pursuits in a very serious way. Then we arrived at the 'court house' which was actually a converted old school or extra gymnasium for Farrington Field. Out of two doors were droves of people, mostly with middle-school children and older, lined up for this 'meeting' with these very serious people to talk about the very serious matter. We even drove by it because I just couldn't believe that was the place that this sort of matter took place at. So, we realized we were at the place we walked up and like aimless cows in line at the meat packaging plant we waited our turn in line to be 'processed'.

Through the metal detector, past the very tall, very scary looking police man looking for issues to a person who told us to go to a table with a number. Since there were so many schools, they went past a lady who was preparing to usher people in and told us we couldn't go past. Finally that matter was cleared up and we talked to a sweet old man who reviewed our information and told us we didn't have to be there. We knew this, but we wanted to talk to someone anyway but we quickly realized that there would be nobody to talk to. Just a bunch of people doing their job, and would remind us very quickly that they are only willing to do exactly what they are paid for (not that I mind, but even most people are 'helpful' and don't scowl when you wonder exactly why you're there in the first place). So, with a anonymous stamp on our paperwork and a thank you very much, we were sent from the belly of the beast back into the real world.

It amazed me to think about how much of my tax dollars go to pay for stuff like this. It made me wonder, how if people had done their job at the school, there wouldn't be the need of this "Truancy Resource Center" as a plastic makeshift banner stated on the outside of the building. Finally, it made me wonder, why do I subject myself and my family to this? Being treated like cattle? Getting to see the underbelly of what our public school system is has really opened my eyes. It really, really scared the shit out of me.


Snoopy/Nathalie said...

(((HUG))) What a waste of your time and how infuriating! I'm so glad for you that you decided to homeschool. Hang in there!

Dee said...

Thank you snoopy!

Yarngoddess said...

I agree, total waste of time and money. Yet how horribly scary!

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