Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 6: All quiet on the western front.

It's quiet.

Too Quiet.

We went back to public school today, back to the old routine.  It's weird, walking in after having this great epiphany and plan you've formulated.  I hate to nerd out but probably much like the first time Neo walked around the matrix after being unplugged.  It just didn't seem real, it didn't seem comforting.  The idea of leaving him back up there just didn't seem right.  Mrs H, his teacher, was very happy to see him.  I could tell she missed him.  Even Mrs P and Mrs S from the other classrooms came up to say hello to their little red head and find out what illness he had.  I really appreciate them for how much they care about their classes up there.  I wish it would transfer over into the administration, the bean counters.  When I left Logan, the prospect of going home and not working on things, reading books, talking about homeschooling just seemed blah.  But I know he'll have fun at school and he did miss Mrs H so it'll be nice.  Just seeing his excitement about discovering that there is a little tree inside the maple helicopter seeds was infectious. 

I plan on using this time to set up a lesson plan, maybe go and look at Mardel's for secular material (heard from a friend they do have secular stuff up there) and the Teacher's Supply Store in our local shopping area... I probably could get some stuff for dinner too and finish putting up the laundry.  Havoc the Dog needs a bath, and we really need to get the office together so we can turn it into a classroom.  I've been wondering if I should repaint the chocolate walls to something a bit brighter and sunnier, I do love my chocolate walls though. 

Is it 2:45 yet?


Anonymous said...

I've read though most of your blog. Wow. What a journey you've gone through.

I have a nicely painted schoolroom we never use (except as storage) because all the light is in the dining room. And then there are the days when it's just nicer to work outside.

I wish I had made the nice storage, and the curriculum decisions, but waited on making the nice environment until I figured out how we were actually going to use our space. It really does happen organically, even though I would intellectually rather confine it to one space because it's so much easier to clean.

Good luck with the next part of your journey.

Dee said...

It's the same here, we have a very pretty bay window in the dining room that makes it inviting to sit at in the morning and it's the place where Logan does most of his school work right now. I would like to have the ability to use the office as a classroom if need be but mainly have it as a room to put things, projects that need to dry, storage for materials and books and such or else I know it will take over the whole house! Thank you for your well wishes, every day comes with more empowerment and more excitement that we're making the right decision! :)

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